Support this guide for newcomers by a newcomer in Maui. Here are different ways to support this blog so that it may continue, independently of advertisers.

Share relevant articles on your Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, e-mails, Pinterest, etc.

Purchase a CD or download a digital album.

  • Full moon on Maui” that was composed on my second trip to this beautiful island can be heard on itunes. Better yet, get the entire CD of soothing piano music from CDBABY.
  • Live in Makawao 2007” is my duo’s first public concert on Maui, performed at the Makawao Union Church  — and produced in Wailuku in February 2011.  Digital downloads by track or the entire album from CDBABY or purchase signed copies at our piano guitar duo concerts.

If you’re interested in other ways to support  this blog, consider hosting a salon concert for us. We have three other CDs for sale: Summer performed and recorded in different locations in the Netherlands, Live at Duke 2010 in Durham, North Carolina, and an album of solo guitar music by Robert Bekkers. Visit for more information.

Hire Anne Ku as a pianist for your wedding, anniversary, memorial service, or party. Or commission a composition as a gift for your loved one.

Take classes from Anne. The best deal in town is to enroll in a piano class at UHMC. Register for continuing education classes in piano and Mandarin at Edventure’s website. Discounts for baby boomers and up.

Alternatively, visit Frances Ku’s art blog — order a print, original notecards, commission a new piece of artwork, and/or enquire about individual art lessons or creative healing workshops on Maui. Or combine a private viewing of your commission with music, see a recent art/music experience.


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