When I kissed the teacher

I came across this song while compiling song sheets of top ABBA hits for my next ukulele jam session. Always curious to learn new songs, I’m sure this particular one belongs to the politically incorrect category today.

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Pandora’s pictures

“Ready? Think of what you want me to do to you. Say cheese!”

Click! She turns her head towards the late afternoon sun. Click!

“Lean forward. Smile!”

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Hindsight revelations

Why did he share David Brooks’ eulogy versus resume virtues? Did he stumble upon the TED talk three years ago? They have never discussed this in person, only by e-mail. Now she knows why. Continue reading

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When one plus one equals everything

In the mathematics of love, two minus one equals nothing. One plus one equals everything.

Black Maui Jim sunglasses perch delicately on her flat asymmetric nose. Trade winds gently blow her straight black hair away from her face. Nestled in her blue padded bras, her breasts look fuller than seen in previous photos. Her belly button presses against the tight grey tank top and white cotton trousers.

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Kahului blues

It’s Friday the 13th. What else can go wrong? Every day brings a surprise. Today he discovers his favorite saucepan, a birthday gift from his uncle, is missing. Yesterday his mother’s glass baking tray. Last week, his best wines. She doesn’t even cook. She was the one who walked out. Why is she doing this?

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Every little kiss in Kihei

It doesn’t take much to discover what a girl wants. If she wears different jewelry each time you see her, she probably has a collection. She probably responds to gifts of jewelry. If she doesn’t ever wear jewelry, you’re not about to introduce a new habit.

So much is contained in a piece of jewelry, as precious as every little kiss of his.

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Hairpin turns to Haiku

The longer I stayed on Maui, the more I learned about the lucky ones who live in the tropical rainforest of Haiku. This Hawaiian word is not pronounced like the three-line Japanese poem but in three separate syllables of ha-i-ku. Despite this, I have never heard anyone pronounce it correctly. Here is a story from my forthcoming novel.

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