The perks of being a student and kama‘aina

Having been a student most of my life, I know the perks. Sometimes I wonder if I study so that I could get those perks. In London, student discounts to theatre, concerts, and housing (waiver of council tax) are real cash savings. In fact, these discounts also extend to the unwaged and senior citizens.

Here on Maui, movies, shows, and concerts don’t automatically offer a student rate. But recently Island Air announced that students get a special $35 one way ticket on standby between islands.

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What’s missing in Hawaii and what it can teach us

As usual, my Facebook updates the latest and greatest from my friends around the world (lucky me!) One of these is Huffington Post’s newst article: “11 things that are weirdly missing in Hawaii and what they can teach you.

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Is there a free lunch in paradise? the cost of solar

The dream of powering your home and car on solar and wind is a reality for some people. But it comes as a cost for others.

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How to stay cool in these hot, humid days on Maui

El Ninio is causing unusually hot and prolonged humid weather on Maui. At first I thought it was just central Maui where I work and live.

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Finding paid work on Maui

Looking for paid work? The largest employers on Maui include the Grand Wailea, Maui County, Maui Memorial Hospital, and University of Hawaii Maui College.

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Maui, in the wider scheme of things, getting a perspective

My writing teacher said, “Students don’t understand verb tense until they take a foreign language.”

I say, “Maui residents don’t appreciate what they have until they go away.”

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How to reduce cost of living on Maui – energy consumption

As “cost of living” is the most searched term on my blog, I thought I’d harp on this topic, on the anniversary of the 300,000th visitor to my first WordPress site – the Concertblog.

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