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Just close my eyes and I’m with you

The closet chef pours his heart and soul into his cooking for the one he pursues in hope of reciprocation. As the food works its way from the stomach to the heart, it sends signals of love through the body … Continue reading

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Buttered calves for poaching

All evening, he notices other men eyeing her legs. With her red stilettos accentuating her firm calves, she struts confidently across the floor, chatting to the chefs who serve tropical appetisers and the sommeliers who open the expensive wines. At … Continue reading

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Tropical breakfast in America

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, I was told. For me, the best breakfast is handpicked from your garden. In the case of Maui, it’s the fresh tropical fruit.

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Passion for lilikoi margarita

The Hawaiian name for passion fruit is lilikoi. The Chinese name “bai xiang guo” means a hundred fragrant fruit. Each summer when the passion fruit turn lemon yellow and ready to pick from the vine, he patiently collects the fruit with … Continue reading

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Queen and the soldier

What does “The Queen and the Soldier” have got to do with my years on Maui? The queen could not express her feelings, much less act on her feelings. It’s more than a feeling. Only on a full moon, does … Continue reading

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Pandora’s pictures

“Ready? Think of what you want me to do to you. Say cheese!” Click! She turns her head towards the late afternoon sun. Click! “Lean forward. Smile!”

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Final Moving Sale

Sadly I have succumbed to the high cost of living debacle and decided to leave now so that I may return again.

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