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American pie and other cryptic messages

Ever since he learned to cook as a teenager, the closet chef has made a ritual of researching, testing, and collecting recipes, constantly improving upon them until he is satisfied. He meticulously stores handwritten index cards in a small wooden … Continue reading

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More than words

Some songs strike a chord. Such is Extreme’s “More than Words.” It’s a song I’ve requested many times but never thought I’d be able to play and sing it myself, with the peculiar percussive chord riffs on the guitar and … Continue reading

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Reaction to dream job on Maui

I was surprised and overjoyed to get such overwhelming positive response to my three blogposts about dream jobs on Maui.

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Whom Maui welcomes

For lack of a better title, I recall a conversation I’ve started many times. “Of all the places I’ve lived, I felt most welcome on Maui,” I said. “You see, I’ve felt like a foreigner everywhere I’ve worked, studied, and … Continue reading

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Yet another dream job in paradise

What’s going on? Suddenly I’m getting all these jobs that are beckoning me to return to my beloved island in the Pacific.

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Update: cost of living on Maui

That the most searched words on this blog are “cost of living” is testimony to the popularity of Civil Beatʻs “Cost of Living” articles and Hawaiian News Now’s “Priced Out of Paradise” videos. I’ve not only read and viewed them all, I’m … Continue reading

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Welcome to Maui Tips for Newcomers!

Welcome, newcomers to Maui! Like me, you are learning fast. Let’s pool together our knowledge, organise it in a nice way, to attract more people to come to Maui. Continue reading

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