Maui Tips started as an online newsletter for newcomers to the island of Maui, written by a newcomer. Initially intended to be free and full of tips and advice for the newcomer or those about to become newcomers, the blog site has evolved over time. Since 2016, songs and associated ukulele songsheets (chords and lyrics) have been added to blog posts in a storytelling manner, sort of like the kind of “talk story” the local residents are so fond of. These stories are about food, travel, music, and unrequited love.

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Part I: Tips & advice by a newcomer and shared with other newbies – these blog posts were written while the author was resident on Maui, intended to share her discoveries and offer practical advice.

December 20, 2010 Welcome to Maui Tips for Newcomers – the very first blog post


June 11, 2016 Final Moving Sale

Part II: Reflections, reveries, revelations, and realisations — these sketches of stories will be refined over time and turned into a book-length novel and film. These blog posts were written when the author was no longer living on Maui, thus time to digest and put hearsay in perspective. Each post has a theme, supported by a photo, song, music video, and ukulele song sheets (with chords and lyrics). You can listen to the songs on the Spotify Playlist.


@ 19 June 2018 total stories in part II: 99


2 Responses to About

  1. JB Lockhart says:

    Mahalo for showing us the island from a newcomer’s point of view! We are also “new” to living on Maui. We live in Kihei in a tiny little bungalow and I am now looking for ways to spend our money wisely. This island offers so much natural beauty that it offsets the high cost of living. But when we can find a way to save a nickel … well, we can live here that much longer. I will share any secrets that we discover!!

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  2. Thank you, JB. You’ve inspired me to finally post a blog on smart shopping. Hope to meet one day!


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