Maui Tips started as an online newsletter for newcomers to the island of Maui, written by a newcomer. Initially intended to be free and full of tips and advice for the newcomer or those about to become newcomers, the blog site has evolved over time.

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About the author:

I arrived on Thanksgiving Day 2010 after a five-week coast-to-coast concert tour, the scenic route from Europe to Hawaii so-to-speak. The intention was to find a way to stay here for a Winter sabbatical — or rather — to escape the cold Dutch winter.

The following Monday, I interviewed for a part-time (adjunct) lecturer gig at the college.
[Note: the photo banner above is the million dollar view from my balcony where I write.]


2 Responses to About

  1. JB Lockhart says:

    Mahalo for showing us the island from a newcomer’s point of view! We are also “new” to living on Maui. We live in Kihei in a tiny little bungalow and I am now looking for ways to spend our money wisely. This island offers so much natural beauty that it offsets the high cost of living. But when we can find a way to save a nickel … well, we can live here that much longer. I will share any secrets that we discover!!

  2. Thank you, JB. You’ve inspired me to finally post a blog on smart shopping. Hope to meet one day!

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