Finding love in paradise

I am fascinated by stories of people who find their way to Maui, but more importantly, find love in paradise. I often ask,”What brought you here?” Or “What made you stay?” Or “Why are you here?” One of these stories is particularly poignant on this first day of April.

Note: A reader mistakenly identified himself and his fiancée in the story, cursed aggressively, and threatened legal action. At more than 25 years older than his fiancée, he sees himself as the old volcano and her as the young one. Obviously he lacks a sense of humor, as the story is entirely fictional. It’s an April Fool’s Joke. To prevent receiving further threats, I have removed the story that echoes that of “The Lava Song.”

There is nothing wrong with marriage of partners with a huge age gap. Plenty of people do it and are happily seen in public, holding hands and even kissing. While research shows the chance of success is much slimmer than for couples with a smaller age gap and similar cultural backgrounds, there are plenty of successful marriages that defy statistics. Love conquers all. Where there’s a will, there’s a way. The reader who contacted me is probably a bit too serious and sensitive. It was never my intention to offend —- for it’s April Fool’s Day on the first day of April!

I am also adding a DISCLAIMER to this free wordpress site, so as not to evoke any negative reaction from readers that are ethnocentric. The world does not revolve around them — why do they read themselves in my stories?

Ironically, my web stats spiked today and several readers “liked” this blog post and followed me. If you want to read this story, please contact me via FB messenger to request this story for your own reading pleasure.


I read the original April Fool’s story out loud in a writing workshop. One participant burst into laughter and suggested that I try creative romantic comedy as Hollywood doesn’t produce enough of them. It could begin like this:

“Once upon a time, a lonely surfer with loose skin battered by decades in the tropical sun went online to shop for a foreign bride, half his age and size. Browsing through tanned faces of young ladies with black and brown hair of varying lengths, he stopped at one that reminded him of the love of his life, a woman who had shattered his heart into a million pieces.”

ukulele songsheet (PDF)


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