First Friday Wailuku free yoga

One of my dreams is to do outdoor yoga on Maui, such as the one invoked by the following image I found on the Web. In fact, googling “yoga beach” will get you plenty of inspiring poses that I’d love to imagine myself doing. Perhaps one day I will really be doing yoga on the beach.


On the first Friday of each month, I look forward to an intense 1 hour 15 minutes of FREE yoga at Body Alive Yoga in Wailuku Town at 4:45 pm. No yoga session is ever the same. Last time, on May 6th, two yoga teachers showed us elements of aromatherapy, Thai massage, and partner yoga.

I highly advise to get there early to claim a spot. Bring your own yoga mat and water bottle. Don’t frown if you are only inches away from the next person.

The place itself is not very large but conveniently situated on the second floor of a building on Wailuku’s Main Street, near Market Street where First Friday festivities take place from 6 pm.

I’ve never had a bad or lukewarm yoga session here. The teachers are well-trained and well-spoken. After my afternoon lap swim at Sakamoto public swimming pool, I drive uphill to Wailuku and always park behind the food court. After the yoga session, I put away my turquoise blue mat in my car and walk to Market Street to visit the food trucks.

There are usually three bands playing at any one time: at the beginning of Market Street, where it intersects Main Street, in the beer garden (where you have to show your identification card to get in), and in the food area where you can sit, eat, and enjoy live music.

I’ve enquired if there’s free yoga at other Maui Fridays. Makawao Friday on Facebook replied, “No. But what a great idea.”  Does anyone know if there’s free yoga in Lahaina or Kihei? That would surely lure me to drive to other Maui Fridays and make my aloha Friday something worth looking forward to.


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