Finding paid work on Maui

Looking for paid work? The largest employers on Maui include the Grand Wailea, Maui County, Maui Memorial Hospital, and University of Hawaii Maui College.

Getting paid to sit on the beach? Read on.

Aside from the obvious places such as Craig’s List, ads on Maui News and Maui Now,, and, you can check the following websites for jobs on Maui — and for that matter, the entire state of Hawaii.

Work at UH: University of Hawaii has three universities (Manoa, West Oahu, and Hilo) and seven community colleges, with one of them — UH Maui College — being a hybrid as it offers several Bachelor’s Degrees. The site has both staff and faculty positions, including the so-called lecture pool for adjunct lecturers.

RCUH jobs are largely grant-funded. The Research Corporation of University of Hawaii employs both temporary and permanent staff at various UH locations. Drop down the “Employment” menu and click on “Apply.”

Maui County jobs: The County of Maui employs staff for all three islands of Maui, Lanai, and Molokai.

Maui Memorial Medical Center is THE hospital on Maui, with no shortage of health vacancies and expected hourly wage or monthly salary listed alongside.

UHMC’s Career Link is the career management office at UH Maui College, serving its students and alumni. LIKE their Facebook Page to get latest announcements for any permutation of permanent, temporary, interim, part-time, full-time, on-campus or off-campus jobs as well as internships.

If you know of other useful websites to find paid work, please leave a REPLY in the COMMENT section.

Added 9/13/2015: Did you know about permission to work in Hawaii – one of the few states with hurdles of licensing?

Check out these Hawaii employer profiles.


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