Free things to do on Maui – free concert

After over a year of hiatus, I am back.

Note: if you google “Maui Tips” or the URL you’ll get all sorts of websites. This blog is not affiliated with any of those websites. It’s just a blog about a newcomer’s discoveries to share with other newcomers or want-to-be newcomers.

There are plenty of free things to do on Maui. I will do a spring cleaning of old blog posts, deleting those that are no longer relevant (e.g. some businesses have disappeared).

Free concert, Saturday 13th July 2013 at the famous old church on the beach in Makena, at the southern tip of Maui, past Wailea. If you want to experience sitting at a concert with the background sounds of ocean waves, don’t miss this. I went there last summer and thought, “how awesome!”  It was truly wonderful and unique to be in the audience and probably even more memorable to be the performer because you get to practise in lovely surroundings all day.

Duo Diorama, young husband-wife piano-violin team, from their base in Chicago, will give an exciting program ending with John Corigliano’s Violin Sonata (1963) which catapulted the then 26-year old composer to fame. Later he won the Oscar for original score to the movie “The Red Violin.”

Pre-concert talk at 6:30 pm. Concert starts at 7:30 pm. Free parking. Free entry. Free refreshments and snacks during the intermission. Stay for the post-concert reception at Monkey Pod Restaurant in Kihei.

Too many freebies. Oh yes! Free sunset. Don’t stay home for this. See you there!

More information, visit Ebb & Flow Arts.


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