Maui cruiser control

When we arrived last Thanksgiving Day, we decided to split the two most important tasks between us. He would take care of getting a car, while I would find a place for us to live.

Renting a car, as he calculated, would cost too much. While he scanned Craigslist and Maui Bulletin for affordable deals, I dreamed of driving a convertible, the kind that allowed me to pose in Houston, Texas when I was still a single working girl.

Our daily life slowed down considerably when we relied on public transport ($1 bus rides) and our feet.

“Get yourself a Maui cruiser,” said a professor of marketing on his birthday lunch. “We got one when we arrived for a thousand bucks.”

A Maui cruiser is a second-hand car that allows you to blend in as a local. A rental car will always mark you as a tourist, but a Maui cruiser will brand you as a local.

The professor’s wife added,”We bought the car and drove it to do our shopping. We unloaded our shopping trolley and packed the car full of groceries. When we opened the doors to get in, one door fell off.”

A Maui cruiser does not have to be a piece of junk or a rip-off.

We were lucky to get our Silver Surfer, an affectionate term we gave to our 20 year old Toyota Tercel. We even drove the previous owner a few times. It is THAT precious to us.

Here is the story of the Silver Surfer. May it continue to run for another 20 years!


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