A room with a view and a sigh

The scenic photo on this blog is the panoramic view I see from my balcony every day. The colours and hues change depending on the weather and time of the day. My favourite pastime is to sit in the garden chair on the balcony at dusk and read until it gets too dark.

The view never tires but rather inspires.

“A thing of beauty is a joy forever.”

I sigh now because the count down has begun.

There are two options, as I am not allowed to sublet while I’m away in the summer.

  1. Continue paying the rent and keep the one bedroom apartment while I’m gone.
  2. End the lease. Move, sell, or store the furniture. Find another place to live when I return and repeat the process all over again.

I considered both options for a long time. The rent I save will pay for my summer travels. The time I will have to spend to save on the rent will be the penalty. There will be inconvenience, discomfort, and surprises, I am sure, when I return at the end of summer.

“With great reluctance, I am writing to terminate my lease. Please let me know the pro-rated amount I should pay for my final rental cheque.”


About BLOGmaiden

As one of the earliest bloggers (since 1999), I enjoy meeting people who embrace "out-of-the-box" thinking and fear not the unknown. I believe in collaboration for sustainability because it increases stakeholder value.
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2 Responses to A room with a view and a sigh

  1. rotiki says:

    Bittersweet indeed. I am glad that you were able to experience the subtle changes in weather, air, ocean currents and color that Hawaii has to offer. People think our weather is the same year round — perpetual summer. But if you take some time, such as a late afternoon respite on your balconey, you can experience the changes.

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