Live classical music in art galleries

The Maui Scene section in the local paper in Maui gives a weekly listing of live music events and exhibitions. Online you can find music listed in different categories, such as resort entertainment or music in restaurants and bars. There are separate listings for concerts, art exhibitions, and other activities.

If you’re a newcomer to Maui like me, you probably won’t know anybody with a house full of art or music. It takes awhile to build your network. Certainly back in Amsterdam and London I prefer to view art and experience live music performances in people’s homes.

In search of a grand piano to whet my appetite, I decided to explore the hotels in Wailea. First stop: the Grand Wailea. I could not find any pianos in the lounge or restaurants. But I do remember playing on one on my first visit in 1999. The piano tuner who returned my call the other day told me there was a piano in the chapel and one in the hotel. Where could they be?

After searching high and low, I stepped into a beautiful art gallery called “NaPua” which means flower in Hawaiian. Now, I love visiting art galleries but I must confess that I don’t intend to buy because I don’t collect art in that way. Instead, I told the gallery manager that I prefer to collaborate with artists to use live music to lure people to see their art.

Instead of showing me out the door, Will Herrera, the gallery manager introduced me to a colorful sculpture he made that’s on display. He talked about his work and philosophy and then introduced me to the art consultant Christoph Medwed who also had several objects on display, including the unique brass frames he’s known for.

The experience of being in an art gallery in presence of the artists themselves changed my view of a gallery as a space to contain the art of anonymous artists who are busy creating art and not available to discuss their art. These are artists who have taken time away from doing their art to welcome visitors to a gallery that contains works of many artists.

Had I more time, I would have asked them to tell me about all the artists whose works were chosen for the current exhibition. What’s the decision making criteria? How long are the works displayed?

Perhaps I will have to save my curiosity for the champagne reception at the opening of the next exhibition “Mysteries in Color” with artists Sandra Clark, Linda Whittemere, and Roxanne Broadbent on Saturday April 16, 2001 from 5:30 to 8:00 pm.

Below, Dutch guitarist Robert Bekkers gives an impromptu performance “El Marabino” by Antonio Lauro on his concert guitar at the Napua Gallery.


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