100 photos of your choice to be one of 100 women of Maui

Kihei-based photographer Dennis O’Keefe has launched a project that will take him a year to finish. Calling it “100 Women of Maui,” he is asking women between ages 20 and 100 to volunteer for these head shots, which will be chosen for an exhibition in the future.

In return, he offers to take 100 photos of your choice, for you to keep, transferred directly from his camera to your laptop at the end of the photo shoot. After the transfer, he deletes these images from his camera immediately.

You might ask — WHY?  Why women?  Why not men, children, animals, etc? He has to start somewhere. Why offer 100 photos? He wants to thank you for your time.

I can imagine the final result: 100 women of varying ages, ethnicities, facial expressions, hairstyles, etc, each with a different story to tell. What are they thinking at the time of the click of the camera?

I am guessing that this project is a journey. First: how to get women to volunteer themselves? Second: how to schedule the photo sessions? Undoubtedly through e-mail and phone contact, O’Keefe will get to know these volunteers and vice versa.

I decided to give it a try one afternoon in Kihei. Below is one of 100 free sunset photos of our piano guitar duo.

Bekkers Piano Guitar Duo, sunset in Wailea. Photo: Dennis O'Keefe

Bekkers Piano Guitar Duo, sunset in Wailea. Photo: Dennis O’Keefe

For more information, visit the Women of Maui website. Note: all portraits will be anonymous as “a picture paints a thousand words” — no mention of name of the person photographed.


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As one of the earliest bloggers (since 1999), I enjoy meeting people who embrace "out-of-the-box" thinking and fear not the unknown. I believe in collaboration for sustainability because it increases stakeholder value.
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One Response to 100 photos of your choice to be one of 100 women of Maui

  1. Yvonne D. Fitch says:

    Aloha Dennis I just discovered from a friend that my photo was in the Maui Book of Women 2. Is it possible to get a copy. I visited the Wailuku Coffee shop but didn’t see the book on the book stand. My name is Yvonne and cell phone is 430-4565 and I live in Lahaina. Mahalo

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