Elton John sold-out concerts in Maui

There is something to be said about being close to and yet so far away from someone or something world-famous.

This afternoon in my office, I witnessed the sequential set-up of Elton John’s concert which is to take place at the new ampitheatre of the Maui Arts & Cultural Centre. First the sound check: drums, piano, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, and vocals. “Do you hear me?” I heard his voice.

From my office, I can see the green roof of the ampitheatre. The white outdoor chairs have already been positioned earlier in the week. I know, because I queued for the Houston Youth Symphony concert Monday evening.

After 3 pm, any cars coming into the Maui College parking lot will have to pay a $20 entry fee. Apparently the fee has gone up to $25. I ran into someone who declared that she was not going to pay $290 to see Elton John. She’ll just walk to the park behind the Maui Arts & Cultural Center for a restricted but free lawn seat.

While Elton John is not the most exciting thing to happen on Maui or Hawaii, it is certainly the closest I’ve gotten to anyone world-famous. I can sit in my office and hear the entire concert as though I’m right there. I can lean out the window and see Elton John sing.

That is, if I care to hang around all evening.

If tonight is like any of the pop concerts I’ve been to (Talking Heads in New York, Grateful Dead in London, Cyndi Lauper in Montreal, Suzanne Vega in Utrecht), I would imagine being among the crowd and with the rest of the audience is part of the experience. If so, I would rather vacate my premium seat from my office and walk to the park and sit with the others and enjoy a nice evening under the stars.

With Elton John.

25 Feb 2011:

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5 Responses to Elton John sold-out concerts in Maui

  1. Kris says:

    We love going to shows at the MACC, and were lucky enough to see HAPA there twice on our visits to Maui.

    It looks like the week before Elton John, there was a Daughtry show, too.

    Aubrey Hord, one of the photographers who shoots shows at the MACC, posted photos of each on her blog. We met Aubrey at the Maui Photo Festival when we attended in ’09. She does some great work and her photos of these shows makes us feel a little closer to all the fun.


  2. Kris says:

    Here’s the link to Aubrey’s blog – http://blog.aubreyhord.com

    The 2 times I was at the MACC, they had a no camera policy in the theatre, so I believe Aubrey has does her for work for the MACC itself.


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