The price of a lei

After posting the previous blog I drove to Walmart in Kahului only to discover an empty fridge near the Customer Service counter. I couldn’t believe my bad luck. Did they sell out? I panicked and walked to a member of staff.

“Are the leis gone?”

“Try the garden center,” she pointed. I did not have a back-up plan but I knew I had to get two fresh leis. It was terribly important. How could I welcome my friends to Maui without leis?

It was my first time buying leis. I had no idea how much they cost. The cheapest was nearly $10 and the most expensive more than $12. I regretted instantly not wearing the lei I had received for a concert last December. I had put it away in the refrigerator after the concert and forgotten about it. But I did remember the previous time I had worn a lei all day long — it made me feel happy to be alive.

I chose two colourful leis: red carnation interwoven with two other flowers that smelled nice and another one with orange and white. At the cashier’s, I received an SMS: “We have just landed and r waiting to disembark.”

Luckily Walmart was a short drive from the airport. I arrived just as they were leaving the baggage claim. It was the only place to pick up passengers without having to park. They were overjoyed to see me and get “leid.”

Later that evening, I received an SMS from a new Twitter follower:

“Go to Alii Leis and Flower.  Greetings. Tell them you live here. Wholesale. NO KMART, please.”

Nice to know there’s another place to get fresh leis.


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As one of the earliest bloggers (since 1999), I enjoy meeting people who embrace "out-of-the-box" thinking and fear not the unknown. I believe in collaboration for sustainability because it increases stakeholder value.
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One Response to The price of a lei

  1. BLOGmaiden says:

    There are leis at Long’s Drugstore that are very reasonably priced. Of course, airports also carry leis, albeit more expensive.


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