Exercise your way to wellness thru fitness classes

At the Sakamoto public swimming pool last week, a lady told me that the fitness classes at Maui College are the best deal on the island.

For students enrolled at Maui College, a one-off payment of $35 gives unlimited access to the variety of classes. For faculty, staff, and seniors, it’s $50. For everyone else in the community (not limited to University of Hawaii) it’s $65. Pay once and go to as many classes as you want.

Each class runs one hour long. The location is the Wellness Center at Maui College in Kahului. Telephone number (808) 984 3434. The center has showers for men and women. It’s open Monday to Friday morning through late afternoon. There are no evening classes.

After googling in vain for “Wellness Center Maui College class schedule” I finally found the page with Spring Semester 2011 schedule at their website.

I group them into two extremes.

Low impact classes (you won’t sweat):

  • Vinyasa Flow Yoga (90 minutes except Thursdays)
  • Pilates
  • Zumba Gold (by JI)

High impact classes (makes you sweat):

  • Boot Camp
  • Turbo Kickboxing
  • Zumba – KW

I would have to try the martial arts courses such as hapkido and Brazilian jiujitsu to find out if they are low or high impact. My guess is that they are more fitting for guys.

When you register and pay the one-off fee, you get a purple band to wear each time you take a class. There is no need to sign up for classes. Just show up. There is plenty of room. The closest access is on Kaahumanu side of the college.


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