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There is no shortage of things to do on Maui. More people visit Maui than live here permanently. What activities draw these visitors to this Valley Isle?

The obvious is what the island offers itself, without the locals or the visitors. The beaches, the ocean, the mountains, waterfalls, lagoons, and all that Mother Nature supplies since the beginning of time. So people come here to swim, boogie-board, surf, snorkel, scuba dive, windsurf, jet-ski, parasail, kayak, fish, paddle-board, and more.

Next are what’s typically Hawaiian and what makes Maui so touristy: hula dancing, ukelele concerts, and luau dinners.

As one American mainlander puts it: “Maui is Mother Nature with first world amenities. It’s safe and convenient — everyone speaks English and uses the US dollar. It’s going overseas without leaving the United States during these uncertain times.”

Many people, like me, come here to chill out and relax. An entire industry of massage therapists, yoga masters, healers, and other related professionals dedicate themselves to transform your life and lifestyle. One of the first things I bought after arriving on Thanksgiving Day in 2010 was a turquoise yoga mat. With good intentions to practise yoga everyday, I have sadly fallen victim to outdoor activities and the glorious weather.

This afternoon I tried something entirely new. I invited Maui-based artist Frances Ku to my sunny apartment for a private workshop she has designed and perfected over the years. I had heard about her “creative healing” when I commissioned her to do cover art for one of my house concerts in the Netherlands. She brought the original collage artwork for that Glass Vase Concert to me today.

Cover art by Frances Ku for Glass Vase Concert

Cover art by Frances Ku for Glass Vase Concert

“Working with art such as making a collage taps into your subconscious,” she said. Most of the time, we are consciously engaged — thinking, preparing what we will say or do, saying or doing it, and then checking that we did or said the right thing. Drawing, painting, or any creative activity that dispenses with conscious engagement frees our mind and relaxes our bodies. When we tap into our subconscious in such a way, we can then get a sense of who we are, how we feel, and what we want.

Besides creative healing sessions, Frances also offers non-attachment workshops, private watercolor lessons, and art-inspired personal transformation courses for individuals and couples. You can find her and her art at the Westin Hotel in Lahaina on Sundays.


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