How I came to Maui and found a place to live

The journey to the beautiful island of Maui is a long and arduous one.

The first time I visited the island was a three-week stopover on a round-the-world business trip in Autumn 1999. I was so inspired by a sunset followed by a moon rise, that I wrote a piano solo called “Full Moon on Maui” and later recorded it on my piano solo CD.

The second visit took much longer to orchestrate. That’s when I realised that the shortest time to travel from Europe to Maui was 24 hours, crossing two oceans, and a continent. It required the same amount of time going back. A round-trip ticket means a whopping 2 days just to travel to and from the island. Add jet-lag and transit time (so far, no direct flights from anywhere in Europe to Kahului, Maui), you’d want to stay for at least a week to justify the time and cost of traveling.

For this third visit, I decided to take the scenic route: five weeks of concert touring from coast to coast, traveling out of suitcases for 2 months and staying in 15 locations, and eventually planning to stay in Maui for at least 5 months. In short, I bought a one-way ticket to Maui.


  1. round-the-world ticket with a stopover in Maui
  2. round-trip (also known as a return) ticket from Amsterdam to Maui (with a stopover in Houston)
  3. one way ticket to Maui from Amsterdam

The picture you see on top of this blog is the view from my one-bedroom apartment in Wailuku. We’re lucky that it’s a renter’s market and rental properties are easy to find. In other words, we can afford to rent.

Here is the story of how we got here.


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