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Public libraries in Hawaii

Get a library card and borrow books, CDs, DVDs, and more from any public library in the Hawaiian islands. Continue reading

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Free public swimming pools in Maui

Free public swimming pools in Maui plentiful, clean, not all closed on the same day, so you can swim everyday. Continue reading

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How to get to Maui

Off-peak travel to Maui is affordable if you can book early and be flexible. Continue reading

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How I came to Maui and found a place to live

Getting to Maui is half the work. It takes a long time to get here from anywhere else. Once you get here, you’d want to stay here. This is my third time getting here. Continue reading

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Welcome to Maui Tips for Newcomers!

Welcome, newcomers to Maui! Like me, you are learning fast. Let’s pool together our knowledge, organise it in a nice way, to attract more people to come to Maui. Continue reading

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