Anticipation of anniversaries and full moons

Full moon means reunion. On the next blue moon, I will be singing and playing moon songs with my ukulele pals in London. Elsewhere, on Maui, someone will be snapping photos of the full moon and declaring his undying love before a Netflix movie.

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A muse to amuse: culinary gift on Maui

What do people eat on Maui? Besides the traditional foods of the Chinese, Japanese, Koreans, and Filipinos who immigrated after the Polynesians and early settlers, there is a new kind of Pacific fusion cuisine that combines the best of everything in an elegant way. Developed by top chefs in Hawaii, the Hawaiian Regional Cuisine is an unusual blend of ethnic flavors and fresh local ingredients such as tropical fruit and seafood. One of the places that offers such haute cuisine at affordable prices is at the local college which has a fine dining restaurant.

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Reaction to dream job on Maui

I was surprised and overjoyed to get such overwhelming positive response to my three blogposts about dream jobs on Maui.

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Whom Maui welcomes

For lack of a better title, I recall a conversation I’ve started many times.

“Of all the places I’ve lived, I felt most welcome on Maui,” I said. “You see, I’ve felt like a foreigner everywhere I’ve worked, studied, and lived. But on Maui, I felt instantly at home.”

“How so?”

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Yet another dream job in paradise

What’s going on? Suddenly I’m getting all these jobs that are beckoning me to return to my beloved island in the Pacific.

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Dream job in tropical paradise

My ex-colleagues shared a WANTED: EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR job posting on Facebook today. Who wouldn’t want to work with the poet laureate of Maui and help make his dreams come true? Reading the job description nearly made me jump on the airplane and fly back to Maui to apply for this job. My hand is on the CLICK SEND button, with my CV and cover letter ready to go. I have the qualifications and experience. The location is the tropical rain forest of Maui, an enchanting place called Haiku, pronounced “ha-i-ku” where you can’t wait to greet the sun at daybreak and marvel at the full moon. It also has my namesake.

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Looking back from the other side of the world

It’s a warm sunny day in Utrecht, the fourth largest city in the Netherlands, where the Romans stopped in 6 BC convinced that venturing further north would only lead them into swamp lands. Here the hand-laid brick paths pave the narrow streets that reek centuries of history and culture. The tallest building is the famous dome tower, long separated from its church by the wrath of a hurricane. Everywhere is as flat as the eye can see. Continue reading

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