Final Moving Sale

Sadly I have succumbed to the high cost of living debacle and decided to leave now so that I may return again.

    I shall add other tips and stories to remember Maui, including where to live on Maui.



I’m announcing my final moving sale at my papaya and fig cottage in Wailuku. Details are on Craigslist
Sunday June 12th from noon to 2 only. 

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Free hula classes with live music

Hula is the traditional dance of Hawaiian culture. Its long and interesting history includes the infamous period when Christian missionaries openly disapproved of hula and other dances. Interestingly, 150 years after their letters of complaint, free hula classes take place every Sunday at a church hall in North Kihei. And with live ʻukulele accompaniment, too!

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First Friday Wailuku free yoga

One of my dreams is to do outdoor yoga on Maui, such as the one invoked by the following image I found on the Web. In fact, googling “yoga beach” will get you plenty of inspiring poses that I’d love to imagine myself doing. Perhaps one day I will really be doing yoga on the beach. Continue reading

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Update: cost of living on Maui

That the most searched words on this blog are “cost of living” is testimony to the popularity of Civil Beatʻs “Cost of Living” articles and Hawaiian News Now’s “Priced Out of Paradise” videos. I’ve not only read and viewed them all, I’m also convinced that it’s no joke that Maui is one of the costliest places to live.

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The authentic Maui experience: ukulele, hula, chant in Kihei

Some of the best finds on Maui are found word of mouth. On this blog, I share these finds so that others won’t discover as late as I have. It’s also a way for me to remember and thank those that led me to these authentic experiences on Maui. My most recent find is the free Thursday night ukulele jam sessions in North Kihei.
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Maui Chef of the Year shares new menu each week

Each week, Chef Jeff Scheer decides on a new menu for Maui Chef’s Table at Millhouse Restaurant at Maui Tropical Plantation. He walks the surrounding acres of land, inspects what’s freshest, and concocts new flavors that work well with other local produce, prawns flown in from Ka‘u‘ai, and mushrooms from the Big Island.
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The perks of being a student and kama‘aina

Having been a student most of my life, I know the perks. Sometimes I wonder if I study so that I could get those perks. In London, student discounts to theatre, concerts, and housing (waiver of council tax) are real cash savings. In fact, these discounts also extend to the unwaged and senior citizens.

Here on Maui, movies, shows, and concerts don’t automatically offer a student rate. But recently Island Air announced that students get a special $35 one way ticket on standby between islands.

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