Finding paid work on Maui

Looking for paid work? The largest employers on Maui include the Grand Wailea, Maui County, Maui Memorial Hospital, and University of Hawaii Maui College.

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Maui, in the wider scheme of things, getting a perspective

My writing teacher said, “Students don’t understand verb tense until they take a foreign language.”

I say, “Maui residents don’t appreciate what they have until they go away.”

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How to reduce cost of living on Maui – energy consumption

As “cost of living” is the most searched term on my blog, I thought I’d harp on this topic, on the anniversary of the 300,000th visitor to my first WordPress site – the Concertblog.

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Cost of living woes

I caught myself confessing to a stranger that I am doing everything I possibly can to live on Maui. All the reasons that attracted me here are the very ones that lure me to stay.

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Another perfect day in paradise

My friends who are buried under six feet of snow in the North East are probably wondering if it’s possible to have 365 perfect sunny and warm days and not get bored. Continue reading

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Reality check: living on a remote island

Isolated. Remote. Vulnerable. Limited. Out of stock.

These are words that do not describe the tropical paradise known as Maui. We residents know better. Continue reading

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How to survive on Maui

Living on Maui is very different from visiting. The key to surviving on an island known for high cost of living, few jobs, and low wages is to be able to live within one’s means. Another is to have income independent of the local economy.

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